Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer Identifies Most Common Claims

Personal injury law is a specialized type of law that deals with claims from auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and any other injury where someone else may be at fault. These attorneys are focused on protecting the rights of the victims and getting them awarded compensation. A Charlotte personal injury lawyer can help put together a case that will stand up in court. Listed below are the most common personal injury claims handled by experienced attorneys.

Survivor Compensation and Benefits

Often times if someone has been killed in an auto accident, the family of the victim has been left behind and may be entitled to benefits. When it is determined someone else is at fault, the compensation will be awarded to the family of the victim to help with lost wages, medical expense bills, cost of living, and more. This money should also be used to pay off any debt the victim may have so it does not follow the family members.

Insurance Claims

After an accident, an insurance claim is filed. This happens whether it is an auto accident or something that may have happened on someone else’s property. A personal injury attorney will work with the insurance company to get the victim reimbursed and compensated for their injuries. There may be other things needed by the insurance company to make this happen such as police reports, damage reports, repair estimates, and medical expenses. The attorney will be able to work with the appropriate people to get them this information.

Product Liability

This is a claim that can be made if someone is injured due to a product fail. This could have happened because of the neglect of one of the working who built the product or put it together. It is up to a personal injury attorney to prove this in court to be able to get the victim compensated.

There are many personal injury attorneys out there in the local area to help with claims. These attorneys will need to identify on the front end what type of compensation and damages the person is seeking and present this to the courts. Typically, these cases can drag out for a long time so be prepared to have all of the information needed to expedite the process.

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